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Couples Counselling Contract

The first few sessions are arranged on a one off basis to clarify what you need and how you can achieve this.  When we have a clear idea that couples counselling will support you in your relationship goals I usually suggest we plan to meet for 6 sessions. We can review at any time to extend, shorten or end the counselling. I would ask that we have a final session for reviewing the work we have done and to say goodbye.

The sessions are for you as a couple and I would expect both of you to attend. In the rare instance that one of you cannot attend or that you wish to come separately this would need to be discussed and agreed in advance. There may be times that we mutually agree to meet individually in the interests of your relationship.


Please do not attend sessions while you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.


I reserve the right to withdraw the facility of face-to-face counselling if I feel that public health concerns create an uncomfortable level of risk.  If any one person has tested positive for Covid we can meet online or re-arrange the session.


My address is 34 Balfour Road, Brighton, BN1 6NA. Please arrive at the appointment time as I do not have a waiting area.

There is metered street parking close to my house. Payment is only possible through the phone app PayByPhone. You can get 1 hour for £1.70. Alternatively there is free parking on Preston Drove opposite the park a 10 minute walk away. There is also free parking in Surrenden Road at times excluding 10-12 and 2-3, a 5 minute walk from my address. 

The nearest train station is Preston Park Train Station, a 15/20 minute walk from my address. If you come by bike I am happy to put your bike in the hall.


All that we talk about will remain confidential to me and my supervisor. I shall discuss aspects of our work with my supervisor to ensure I am working in your best interests at all times.

I reserve the right to breach this confidentiality if you give me any information that suggests a threat to your life or health, or that of someone else. I would only contemplate this if I felt there were no alternative solutions and would discuss with you my intentions to inform any appropriate agencies. I am obliged to breach confidentiality if I am led to believe that you or anyone else is abusing another.

Cancellations and Holidays

If you are unable to attend a session I would ask that you give as much notice as possible but definitely 2 working days before your appointment. You can phone or text me on 07944 434575 or email. If you do not attend or give me advanced warning I will charge you for the session.


Please let me know of any planned holidays.


If you have missed a session please contact me to arrange a further appointment. If I do not hear from you I shall assume that you no longer want counselling.

Payments for sessions

The sessions are 1 hour long and cost £85. This rate remains the same in the instances individual sessions are agreed.


I accept cash or bank transfer.  My bank details are G P Sweeting, 77-69-97, 02061068.  For bank transfer payments I ask that you pay prior to the session.

Please submit the form below to provide your contact details

I take GP details for all my clients in accordance with my confidentiality policy, explained in more detail below.