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Counselling can help if you are going through a crisis, looking to work through an issue or wanting support to live a joyful and meaningful life.


Counselling offers a safe and confidential space for you to feel and think about your life.  I offer my full attention to see how you see your world now and what has happened in your life that you see yourself the way you do?  We can take the time for you to get to know your story and how your experiences have shaped you in both helpful and unhelpful ways.


Feeling you are not alone and with someone by your side you can  begin to know that your needs are ok.  


Often mental health difficulties stem from unhelpful beliefs about ourselves,  products of trauma, abuse, difficult relationship or loss. Although it’s easy to invite self compassion and build positive self beliefs it can take patience and the right conditions to heal wounds and learn to trust that something different is possible.


Moving towards the life you are meant to live can mean learning new  skills including self care, regulating intense feelings, empathy and assertiveness. 


Counselling can help people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, self esteem, shame, relationship difficulties, bereavement, difficult life transitions and change, illness and those who have suffered abuse.

What happens in counselling?

Mostly we sit in a room together and trust that what comes into our minds and conversation is relevant and important.  I listen and stay curious.  I trust that more than what is being said can be felt and often our conversation goes deeper into areas of  vulnerability evoked from past loss and difficulties.  We can learn about adaptations that at some point were essential but often end up being unhelpful. 


Out of these discoveries you can choose and develop healthy ways of being in relationship with yourself and the world. 


I do believe that the world is full of difficulty so rather than trying to avoid pain or treat feelings as a weakness I hope to help you transform struggles into opportunities for healthy growth.

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