About my experience

Gina Sweeting, counsellor in Brighton

My Philosophy

The ultimate value of counselling for me is the risk that both counsellor and client take to meet each other on a human level to share and appreciate the experience of living. Secondary to this is ensuring that I am professional and accountable in terms of the relationship and help that I offer. I call myself a Relational Counsellor.

My Training and Experience

I originally trained in Devon in 1999 achieving an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling before moving to Sussex.

I worked in various NHS services undertaking long and short term counselling helping people work through abuse, trauma, loss, depression, anxiety, life events and relationship difficulties.

I qualified as a Couples Counsellor 2011 having trained with Time2Relate in West Sussex, validated by ReVision, London. This training was rich and creative using the arts and nature to delve deeply into the world of relationships.  It has been challenging and rewarding to work with couples since and I have felt supported by a wise network of colleagues in this field.

Learning and Inspiration

Most of my learning comes from my clients. When another shares what they imagined to be unbearable feelings and work through these to truly grapple with the reality of who they are we both gain in terms of a deep connection and acceptance of self, the world and other people. I am deeply grateful to experience each person’s uniqueness and also how we identify in the world. My pronouns are she, her.  Often expectations soften, joy and contentment grow, wounds heal and life can be lived more consciously and creatively.


My own joys, failures and losses inform who I am as a counsellor.  I am grateful for being a mother, step mother, partner, sister, friend, daughter and grand-daughter.  I am grateful, too, for the wise and generous teachers and supervisors I have had over the years.

Please feel free to get in touch

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