Couples Counselling in Brighton

Transforming relationship difficulties into understanding and loving connection

You may be experiencing a crisis such as the discovery of an affair or some other betrayal.  Maybe rows are getting more intense, frequent and pointless.  Maybe you have fallen out of love with your partner or the relationship feels empty and unfulfilling.  Maybe your relationship is crumbling  from financial worries, becoming parents or unbalanced work/life commitments.  Perhaps you are facing issues that feel too difficult to talk calmly and creatively about.  You may be looking for a supportive space to deepen your love.  Couples counselling offers you a safe space to make a difference.

Becoming aware of difficulties, as painful and frightening as it feels, can be the start of helpful and necessary change. I am always amazed and heartened by couples that come to therapy at war with each other who, given the right conditions, can realise and remember that they are on the same side.  When they remember what is worth saving they can begin to open to the work of healing the intimacy wounds that the relationship has uncovered.

True intimacy is living as the person you are. Love flourishes in a culture of acceptance and curiosity.

I have worked with couples from different cultures, sexual orientation and gender as well as those with neurodiversity for over 15 years. I have found that the most powerful factor in the work is stepping into a real, open and respectful space. 

Incorporating different approaches from specialist training I hold ideas and skills to encourage you through different phases of the work.  Initially, the work is almost always about defusing the destructive dynamic through creating a safe and compassionate environment for you both to understand your unmet needs and injuries.  This phase allows couples to begin to work together in building relationship skills such as empathy, listening, speaking your truth, and being aware.  It also enables a conscious intention to love well according to your shared values.  

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Further to this couples counselling offers the potential to work at depth with trauma, shame and loss that shows up in the relationship and belongs to one or both people.  The relationship is the healer of deep wounds given the right conditions.


With openness, honesty and care couples may realise that they wish to end their relationship.  Couples counselling can support a couple end well.


The Couples Counselling Process

The process begins when you give me a call or send me an email.  I’m happy to have a chat in the first instance.  I can answer any questions you have about the process.


I prefer to meet in person but offer online or hybrid as an alternative. After the initial session we will decide a course of counselling.  I recommend meeting weekly at first reviewing as we go.  We may work in blocks of sessions or reach a point by which we organise follow up or supportive sessions.


The length of therapy depends on the couple and the depth of work they embark on.

Please feel free to get in touch

I’m happy to have a phone conversation to discuss your needs further.